Refresh Your Home

Perhaps you have just bought a new home, or even thinking of doing something to spruce up your house. The surefire way of doing it would be to give it a coat of fresh paint. Not only does paint protects your wall, it can also change the entire atmosphere through a clever mix-and-match of colours.

The colour yellow and orange can add a touch of liveliness to your everyday life, while blue is a colour that can calm the atmosphere, making it peaceful and serene. Knowing about the different colours and the mood it brings is essential, as it can help you to make an informed decision before painting your house.

The modern advancement in paint fabrication techniques has allowed us to have a wide variety of colours to chose from. In order to complement your design theme, search for the moodboard of your chosen theme in order to mix and match the colours.

For those who are bored of the conventional paint colours, they could venture further into Nippon’s Momento paint. The techniques used for this paint allows a different depth to be created, adding a touch of class.

Painting an initial layer of sealant over the wall helps to protect the paint against moisture, and even allows the paint to stay on the wall easily. For partitions (gypsum board), it is always recommended to paint a layer of sealant first, as it allows the paint to ‘stick’ on to the sealant.

Amongst the many different kinds of paint in the market today, there are some paints with special properties meant for a specific purpose. They can range from anti-mould, anti-mosquitoes, outdoor paint, or even specially formulated for metal (or wood).


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