What Is Interior Design

Interior Design, in a nutshell, is the designing of the interior of you home (or office) in such a manner that every single little detail matches up to the final outcome: your desired theme. Without the appropriate colours and materials, it can look a tad different from your original design wants.

It takes experience, knowledge, and creativity to get that perfect home: and our Designers are here to help you with that!

Searching for a Designer to assist you can be easy: but finding the right one to do up your home can be a challenging one.


Over at Atlas Design, we have strong principles in maintaining the integrity of our works and ensuring that your satisfaction is our priority. Through our series of detailed process, we are able to ensure that your home is in our good hands.

The different themes of Interior Design have evolved throughout the years, and it has branched out into many different aspects. Some of the design themes can include:


  1. Modern
  2. Contemporary
  3. Industrial
  4. Scandinavian
  5. Zen
  6. Muji
  7. Minimalistic
  8. Rustic
  9. Luxury
  10. Transitional
  11. French
  12. Gothic
  13. Bohemian
  14. Santorini


The many design themes in the market today can baffle even the most experienced Designers, but in order to select your desired theme, explore each theme and research more about it and then you can come to a final decision.

The few types of themes commonly seen in Singapore would be: Modern, Industrial, Scandinavian, Minimalistic, and even the Muji-styled theme. The popular Scandinavian and Modern themes in Singapore are styled after the European interior designs, and the ease of mix-and-matching makes it easy on the eyes.

Engaging a Designer does not come cheap, but do consider the time and effort they put into conceptualising your design, turning it into a reality, and finally assisting you in picking out the right fixtures to provide you a complete home makeover.


You are paying for a professional’s advice which requires his/her time and effort, and doing it right this time round will save you the trouble of having a worrisome renovation process.


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