Removal of Unwanted Items

Hacking and demolition is part of the renovation process to transform your dull-looking house into a vibrant and different one. It is often necessary to ensure that proper hacking is carried out. Otherwise, damages to other parts of the house (structural columns, concealed pipings, etc.) may occur.

While over-laying of tiles may be done in certain situations, there are times where the existing tiles have to be hacked away before new tiles can be laid. This occurs when the tiles are ‘hollow’, and it can be dangerous to ignore it.


Most often, carpentry (kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, feature walls, display cabinets, etc.) has to be hacked and disposed of, before ensuring a new carpentry takes its place.

Demolition of walls occur rarely: it is mainly done to create a bigger space by combining two rooms together, or even to create an ‘open concept’ design.


Extra caution has to be taken when demolishing walls, as not all walls can be demolished. There are structural walls which CANNOT be demolished by all means, and doing so may affect the integrity of the entire building

We also provide removal service, where we dispose of your unwanted items like: beds, sofas, television, oven, wardrobe, tables, etc.

In every renovation that require tiling works, there will likely be a need to haul all the tiles and cement packs from the first floor, into your house.


As the tiles and cement packs company will only leave these items at the first floor of your building, you will require the labour to move all these items up.


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