Utilising Glass In Your Home

Glass is one of the many versatile materials that can be used to elevate the status of a home, or even alter how things work. For example, instead of using a solid wood door in a dark area, a glass door can be used to allow natural light to pass through, brightening up the area.

For extra privacy, you may opt to use a frosted glass door. The amount of visibility can even be customised by you.

A tempered glass backsplash is one of the most popular choice among homeowners. Apart from providing a clean and refined look, it also allows for easy cleaning: by simply spraying a glass cleaning solution on it, and wiping it with a dry cloth.


It is also versatile: you can pair it with any colours ranging from: black, white, orange, yellow, red, gold, etc. The cost of installing a glass backsplash is also cheaper as compared to installing Quartz, KompacPlus, or even tiles.

The many different types of glass doors allows for different configurations: a casement door would be the industry standard. Along with the sliding door, it is the two top choices among homeowners.


For homeowners who prefer something space-saving, they can opt for the bi-fold doors. This concept allows the doors to collapse to one side, making it great for homeowners who opt for an open-concept design.

Glass panels are mostly used in a commercial aspect (especially offices), but they can be utilised in a residential aspect too (like showerscreens in the toilets).


They can segregate an area into two, demarcating the areas for different purposes (like a dining room and a playroom).

Coupled with cove lighting, a glass or mirror feature wall can bring about a touch of elegance to your home. With the right selection of colours and carpentry, the glass/mirror can elevate the entire look of it.


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