Getting The Right Electrician

Electrical works is usually one of the main components in a complete overhaul of your home. For older houses that are at least 20 years old, it is recommended to do a electrical rewiring, as the wires may not be in their optimal condition.

To increase the wow factor of your home, consider the use of spotlights, tracklights and LED strips/T5 tubings (cove lighting).

Our scope of works include:


  1. Installation of switches/2 way switches/powerpoints/hood point/oven point/data point/heater point/air-con point/
  2. Installation of hanging lights/downlights/spotlights/tracklights/wall lights/LED strips/ceiling fans
  3. Shifting and relocation of any electrical points


For the full range of electrical works, contact us for more information.

Knowing about the different kinds of lightings to be bought is essential, as some lightings are meant for concrete ceilings, and some are meant for false ceilings only.


For false ceilings, the lightings include: downlights, spotlights, LED strips, tracklights, hanging lights (not heavy ones).

For concrete ceilings, the lightings include: ceiling mount lightings, tracklights, hanging lights.

Before purchasing any lights, do note the size of the area you will purchase the lights for. Bigger rooms require a higher amount of lumens (brighter).


A general rule of thumb: a 3m by 3m bedroom requires a 24W light in order for it to be bright enough for general reading and writing. A normal HDB toilet (estimated size 1.5m x 2.6m) would require a 18W light.


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