Transforming Your House’s Ceiling

The ceiling is an often over-looked part of the house that can be given a breathe of fresh air to. While the majority of HDBs is equipped with just a bare concrete ceiling (perhaps with up to two lights), condominiums tend to come equipped with false ceilings.

The bare concrete ceiling can be customised in many ways: false ceiling, L-box, etc. A knowledgable Designer would often advise their Client on how to better enhance their lighting lumens in a fanciful manner, while hiding all of the electrical trunkings that may appear.

Never underestimate what an extra layer of false ceiling can do for you. Apart from brightening up the room (through the use of downlights or spotlights), it can also enhance the perception of space, hide unsightly wirings, and it can even be customised with different colours.

A false ceiling is simply another ceiling that is fabricated below the concrete ceiling. It is made out of gypsum boards, which allows the flexibility of cutting holes in any part of the ceiling, and placing the appropriate lighting to ensure an even spread of light all around the room.


It can be further customised by curving the shape of it, painting the sides (or internal part), making staggered false ceilings, or even inserting cove lighting to create a cosy effect.

A L-box is simply a smaller piece of false ceiling that is attached to the side of the wall. It is not as expansive as the false ceiling, but it provides the much-needed light from the sides of the room.


While the more popular choice would be the false ceiling, the L-Box has an advantage: it allows the ceiling fan to be installed into the concrete ceiling (middle of the room).

While cove lighting is not exactly a false ceiling, it is an important aspect in providing a warm effect and enhancing all parts of the decor.


The main concept is to provide a beam of indirect light which provides just the appropriate lumen to capture the attention of a viewer, without drawing so much attention away from the main focal point.

A curtain pelmet helps to hide the unsightly curtain rods in view. The effect would be a somewhat seamless drop-down from the ceiling, providing a more refined look.


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