Changing The Decor of Your Home

With the right colour combinations and placement of carpentry cabinets, it can further enhance your chosen theme and even provide a unique perspective to your home.

If not chosen correctly, the entire decor could well be affected by the mismatch of colours, ruining your dream home. Atlas Design provides trained Designers who will help you to pick out the right colour combinations for your carpentry.

Once you have decided on one of the many design themes currently in trend, do take note of the moodboard for that particular design. In the moodboard, it will showcase the typical colour and material to be used. Some slight deviation can be undertaken to add your own personal touch to the design.


For example, the ‘Modern’ theme utilises the three main colours: black, white, and grey. You could probably add a touch of bronze or a colour of your choice to make it less boring. The ‘Scandinavian’ theme utilises light wood with light colours like: white, light blue, light grey, etc.

Knowing about the different types of carpentry can help to maximise the storage space in your home. For the living room, some of the most popular carpentry includes the: feature wall, TV console, display cabinet, shoe cabinet, dining settee.


For the kitchen, it can include the bottom and top cabinet, island, tower unit (for the installation of the built-in oven and microwave).


For the bedrooms, it can include the wardrobe (sliding or casement), storage platform, bed frame with storage, bay window settee with storage, study table, etc.

Knowing about your storage needs will be an essential aspect before you speak to our Designer. Only then will they be able to provide you the crucial advice to increase your storage space.


For example, the Designer can fabricate a bed with possible storage combinations below the bedframe, as compared to purchasing it off-the-shelf, which could hinder you from getting the necessary storage space that you require.

In the market today, different manufacturers will use different kinds of wood to cater to the market. The most common form of wood in fabricating carpentry would be solid plywood, where it can come in 3-ply or 5-ply (thicker).


Some of the other common wood would include Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) and melamine wood. MDF is a cheap material that is prone to swelling when it is in contact with water, so it is hardly used in wet areas. Melamine wood is more expensive than plywood so it is hardly used, as the properties do not differ much from solid plywood.

A little tip: instead of fabricating carpentry with solid colours, do consider the little touches which could enhance the overall decor of it.


These little touches can include: addition of mirrors/glass, adding trimmings, grooves in the laminates, a mixture of laminates, the use of different opening mechanisms (tic-tac, revolving, etc.)


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