Interior Design Concepts

For new homeowners, searching for a theme to your liking can be hard. We have compiled a list of Interior Design concepts to allow you to visualise them, and finally choosing one that you like.

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This portfolio showcases the different ways homogenous tiles are utilised in the different areas (wet and dry), and how vinyl tiles are quickly gaining in popularity due to its beauty and versatility in design options. With the amalgamation of both carpentry and flooring, your desired theme can easily be brought out. (More pictures in the ‘Glass’ section below)

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A material from nature, glass has been turned into a thing of beauty by man himself. With advances in technology and clever methods of utilising it, this much sought-after material has found its way into our homes.

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Browse through our gallery of 3D drawings drawn by our various professionals: these are done before commencing any work, in order to ensure that both the Client and Designer are on the same path of thought.

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