We work differently.

With our own pool of experienced craftsmen, we bring

value & quality to you


Atlas Design was set up with a vision: to transform an ordinary looking home into a beautiful masterpiece. Recognising the need for a comfortable living space while sticking to an allocated budget, our team of craftsmen has made it possible for us to achieve that.

The amalgamation of new concepts, refreshing ideas, and the years of experience in the renovation industry has made us a strong contender in this competitive field.

With vast knowledge and experience gained from handling demanding problems in both Residential and Commercial Projects, the underlying strength of Atlas Design lies in our strong-willed view, in which all the given tasks at hand must be completed to the satisfaction of the Client.

“To bring forth the vision of design into the sanctity of your home”

Atlas Design aims to provide the necessary framework to ensure an unimpeded flow in your renovation process, through providing the much needed guidance and support for both Residential and Commercial projects.

Having a vast network of contacts under us, we are able to offer our Clientele a competitive pricing that would meet their requirements.

Our commitment to you doesn’t just end here: We believe in following up with you even after the projected is completed, as part of our full and committed pledge in serving our Clientele.

Design. Innovation. Creativity

A Unique Perspective

Constantly pushing the boundaries of Interior Designing, Atlas Design seeks only excellence in every project that is handed over to us. For any design theme that is requested, our consultants will do their very best to accord you that dream home.


Milestones accomplished

170 +

Projects Completed


Years On...


Still Going Strong!

How we work

Our Process In Dealing With The Client


Initial Consultation

The first stage begins with the person that will oversee your project: the Designer. In this initial consultation, the dedicated Designer will go through with you on your design wants, considerations, space planning, budget, etc. In this stage, it would be a good time to exchange pointers and for you to have a feel whether the designer is the one that you want to work with.


The Confirmation

The third stage of the process would mean that both parties have agreed to the contract, and they would need to sign it to signify the start of the renovation process. A small deposit would be collected at this stage, in order to reserve the schedule of our craftsmen, purchase the materials required, and prepare for the beginning of the renovation.


Handing Over

The fifth stage is the final stage of the renovation process: the handover stage. Once the entire process is done and to your satisfaction, the Designer will hand the house over to you. But the work is not done yet: In any case of defects found after the handing-over, Atlas Design will still be there to fix it for you as we offer a warranty on all works done with us.


Discussion of Ideas

In the second stage, the Designer will come back to you with a free quotation and a partial sketch/drawing to determine if the both of you are on the same path of thought. By experience, it would take a few meetings back and forth before agreeing on the quotation, as ideas may be thrown around and the requirements of the Client may change constantly.


Starting The Renovation

The fourth stage would be a broad one: many things would be done during this period, and this can include: presentation of 3D Drawings, materials selection (laminates, table top, glass colours, tiles design, paint colours, etc.). In this stage, your dedicated Designer will be there every step of the way to advise and guide you.


Engaging Our Clients

We place great importance in letting our Clients know how the entire process flows: this is to honour our 'transparent approach'. It also allows you to understand how we work, and what to expect from us. By communicating in a clear and concise manner, we seek to pave a way for homeowners looking into renovating their home.


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